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    Welcome to The Department Of Idaho 2020 American Legion Baseball!


    Here is the Information regarding Idaho American Legion Baseball for 2020

     The League will be listed as Department of Idaho American Legion Baseball

    We will still use our K and K Insurance company to provide insurance.

    You will be able to wear your legion uniforms with the patch on them.

    All registration will be paid to the Dept of Idaho in Boise.

    We are working on the registration forms as we speak, they will be ready soon.

    The schedule as approved by the IHSAA, The Board of Directors and the Gov Covid 19 team is attached.

    We plan on having a State tournaments for AA, A and B League.

    Registration fees for teams will be $100.00 for AA and A teams and $50.00 for B league teams. Those registration fees will be sent by check to The American Legion 901 W Warren St. Boise Idaho 83706.  Credit card payments will be made over the phone to (208)342-7061 you must have the name of your team and the division that team is playing. The cutoff date is May 29, 2020.

    If you have played American Legion baseball and have uniforms from when you played in this league, you will be authorized to wear the legion patch.

    10. If you paid in for your insurance or registration to National or K and K Insurance, it is being refunded and you will need to do it again and register with the forms provided


    State Tournament Information

    State Tournaments will be determined but will be completed no later than 07/31/2020

    B State Tournaments: 7/23 – 7/27 

    There we be no State-run District Tournaments.

    May 17 – Phase 2       Small Group Practices (Less than 10)

    May 30 – Phase 3       Team Practices (10 – 50)

    June 13 – Phase 4       Games Begin (50 or more)

    Background Checks, Sexual Harassment & Concussion before May 29

    Team Registration and Insurance by May 29

    Team Rosters by June 15

    NO late fees (no new teams accepted after May 29)

    Out of State Travel after June 13 (Phase 4)   Teams responsible for quarantine requirements

    Individual Programs & Communities decide on facial covering/masks

    New teams/extra participants schedule and play as they can

    “Covid-19” disclaimer/ waiver to be used with Players Form Signed by Parent and player

    State ALB Board will deal with any setbacks and communication from the Governor. We suggest social distancing at all field’s for spectators, also teams need to have hand sanitizer available for fans and in the dugouts. We also suggest you work with your local health departments to formulate plans for your concession stands to operate under.

    We want a B league State Tournament please contact Michael Whyte at, (208) 522-1230

    Click on image to complete your application.

    Click on image to start and complete your required Concussion Training.

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